Intro to Web Design


I took the class, Intro to Web Design, for a few reasons. The major reason is the fact that every student needs to take a computer-based class and I didn’t want to take one that was for Business majors or one that teaches how to get rid of bugs on a computer. I’m an artist and writer, so I chose Intro to Web Design as my computers class because it was the one that I felt was most interesting and best suited for me. It seemed like an obvious choice because it allows the students to express creativity and expression through computers, which is what I loved about being on a newspaper staff. My father is a skilled Graphic Designer and I grew up in his office watching him create beautiful things on the computer. It’s something that draws me in and reminds me of my childhood, strangely. I’m not sure if this class will ever come in handy for my future career, unless I work for my dad, but I know for a fact that I will make a web page one day to publish my art and stories. If anything, I will benefit enjoyment and self-fulfillment from the course, which is enough for me.


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