Welcome to my About page! My full name is Sydney Virginia Anne Kleckner, but you can just call me Sydney or Syd. I’m a freshman at Florida State University with a major in Creative Writing. I plan to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in 2017 and then attend University of Washington for my Masters in Writing and Translating. There’s been so many thing that I’ve wanted to do and then never pursue. Out of all the things I want to do in my future, a few things have always stuck. After I receive my Master’s degree, I want to move to Africa to rescue elephants and teach English. I’m currently learning Swahili so that way I can be able to communicate with the villages and more be useful. After that, I want to move to Canada and become a screenwriter. The Canadian film scene is disgustingly wonderful and it’s my dream to be apart of it. I’ve had three jobs and at all the interviews, the only thing I could is answer their questions honestly and at the end, when it’s my turn to talk, I tell them my aspirations and goals. I invest myself fully in everything I do and I let them know that. That’s partially the reason of my website, it’s a place where I am able to be honest with the world and show them my Web design work from beginning to end.